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Bishu Sanchi

75058|Canale by Master Adachi


  • #Schönherr, Bishu


Cotton 90% Polyester 10%

Width x roll

148cm x 25m per roll

Art No.


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  • Canale is the fabric creation studio that located in Bishu, Aichi of middle region in Japan.
  • Master Adachi is the legendary fabric maters who has been worked for textiles industry for more than 50 years.
  • And all fabric development is only adopting one of oldest weaving loom named #Schönherr, which originally from the Germen weaving maker, however since the modern production speedy trends, that most of the maker already gave up buying the new weaving machine...
  • However, in Bishu, for the oldest running #Schönherr machine that what Adachi san is using, which it is keep running for more than 70 years.

    There are so many interesting fabric creations from Canale collection.
    Most of the textiles are more than just the word of marvelous!!
  • It is the Canale!!!
  • This is the classical #Canale fabric collection that shows the most charming part of the #Schönherrloom! The character is the inspiration from the famous Japanese comics that the gold hair was woven first and cut and tie with the bowtie with the 100% handmade way!

    The fabric constriction is designed based on the one of the oldest of most traditional jacquard which composed the holes-punching by the punching paper card. The design of the pattern is the repeat based for the 22.5cm x 22.5cm, the vivid in 3D way of the fabric appearance are the unique but full of craftmanship way which why we love master Adachi soo much all the time!

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